November 15, 2006

The Debut of Fork You!

The blog is less than a day old and has only one post under its belt. But it may already be the best food blog on the Internets.

Two icons of the Philly blogosphere, Marisa (Apartment 2024) and Scott (Blankbaby), have teamed up to create Fork You!—Philly's first food vlog (that's right, folks; the "v" is for video). Fork You! is all about "Food with Philadelphia charm." Their first video podcast teaches you how to make sushi. Marisa walks you though the entire process, from selecting fish at Reading Terminal Market to the proper way to roll it all up. In addition to his production skills, Scott provides witty commentary along the way and even tries his hand at building a roll. These two are a natural team. The second episode has already been shot.

Fork You! is must-eat TV. Tune in and see for yourself.


Marisa said...

We're doing our best! Stay tuned for chicken soup.

PhilaFoodie said...