April 13, 2006

Wine Drinkers Have Lower Risk of Lung Cancer; Beer Drinkers...Not So Much

The studies were done by Canadians, eh. Wait...Canadians dissing beer? Slate’s Human Nature column breaks it down:

Beer may increase your risk of lung cancer—but wine may lower it. In one study, "after smoking was discounted, drinking up to six beers per week increased the risk of lung cancer by 20 percent, and by 50 percent for seven or more beers consumed in the same period." In another study, "beer appeared harmful to men who did not eat fruit and vegetables regularly while men who drank wine saw their lung cancer risk drop by 40 percent, and women by 70 percent." Interpretations: 1) Beer causes cancer; wine prevents cancer. 2) Beer drinkers eat fried food, which causes cancer; wine drinkers eat vegetables, which prevent cancer. 3) Wine drinkers, being richer and better educated than beer drinkers, take better care of their bodies in lots of ways.

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