April 11, 2006

I'm Famous!

Well, they say you always remember your first. So, my sincere thanks to Philadelphia Will Do for linking to my April 10 Wine Spectator post.

Philadelphia Will Do honed in on what I believe is the primary drawback of the PLCB’s distribution system—limitations on our choice of wine.

To be fair to the PLCB, though, in the instance of the 2002 Mark West Pinot Noir Russian River Valley, it IS possible that the PLCB did have some at one time and wines from the Russian River Valley ARE produced in limited quantities. But that only serves to illustrate the criticism that Philly Will Do and I share—the PLCB’s bulk “buying power” model often doesn’t give you the opportunity to experience some of the smaller, more popular productions, and the PLCB’s draconian limitations on direct shipment prevent you from getting them on your own.

Thanks again to Philadelphia Will Do. Also, thanks to Philly Future for listing me on their blog roll.

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