December 11, 2008

The Inqy's Rick Nichols Writes About Food Blogger Potluck

In today’s Inquirer, the always poignant and eloquent Rick Nichols writes about the phenomenon that has become the Philadelphia Food Blogger Potluck.

In hindsight, the idea of the Philadelphia food blogger potluck almost seemed preordained—we all write about food and drink, so why not get together and share some food and drink? But it took the organizational skills of Taylor High (Mac & Cheese), Elizabeth Halen (Foodaphilia) and Marisa McClellan (Fork You; Slashfood) to get the idea off the ground. The inaugural potluck was held last year at Marisa’s apartment (Apartment 2024).

Rick attended the most recent installment of this culinary clatch last Friday at the abode of Albert Yee and Kate Donnelly (a/k/a/ Messy and Picky). It’s fitting that the potluck got press from the Inqy at a time when Albert and Kate hosted because Messy and Picky, I believe, is Philadelphia’s longest-surviving, if not the city’s first true, food blog.

But what I love most about Rick’s article is that he was able to appreciate and convey the fact that these potlucks are truly about sharing good times with close friends.

I was disappointed that I was unable to make it to this potluck; it’s been a long time since I broke bread with many of these folks. Too long, in fact. So you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that I was mentioned in the article—not once, but twice:

Blessedly, there were no name tags. But there was explaining to do: “I’m at Phoodie” -, which recently posted on the flavor of fermented black garlic at Zahav: Tastes like tamarind! - said Collin Flatt, “not PhilaFoodie,”

For the record, he’s not at Foodaphilia (, either. That would be Elizabeth Halen: “I’m Foodaphilia, not PhilaFoodie; I’d have to get shorter, manlier and balder for that. . . .”

Folks, I may have been in denial about it for a while, though I have noticed people staring from time to time. But since it’s out there in the open, I may as well just admit it: Yes, it is true—I am manly.


albert said...

you were definitely missed. could've used some more manliness at the party too ;)

as far as being the oldest running food blog in philly - no idea. we've been at the current site since 8/05, but were posting stuff to Katie's static website for a good while before then.

e said...

Thank god you found the article amusing. I spent the first ten minutes after reading it practically mortified. You are so manly.

phillygrrl said...


HughE Dillon said...

OK I think I missed out on this invite, I am not a Foodie per say, but I could certainly have taken photos and then put a name/photo/ to a blog. I love all your sites, but I too get confused.

Max mickle said...

Actually, one of the reasons I finally got motivated and put together a food blog was so that I'd be able to meet other local food bloggers, but I completely missed that there was a potluck coming up. How would I go about finding the next one?