November 24, 2008

Kites, Masks, Roots and Duck Tongues: A City Paper Restaurant Review Round-up

A number of friends have raised two issues to me: (1) content has been lacking on ye olde PhilaFoodie; and (2) they want a place they can go to find my City Paper reviews (it’s too hard to type, apparently).

To wit: here are links to my past thirteen (13) City Paper restaurant reviews:

Hostaria da Elio: Elio-ments of Style (8/14/08)

10Arts: Marble Giant (10/28/08)

Cantina dos Segundos: Dos Def (9/04/08)

Da Vinci Ristorante: Groan-a Lisa (9/11/08)

Distrito: Who Is That Masked Man? (9/18/08)

Kite & Key: Higher Ground (9/23/08)

Jovan’s Place: Love Slav (10/09/08)

Root: His Dark Materials (10/16/08)

Du Jour Symphony House: The Daily Show (10/23/08)

Minar Palace: On the Rebound (10/30/08)

Joe's Peking Duck Original 1984: The Lovin’ Poon-ful (11/06/08)

Q-Ba: Q-rious (11/13/08)

Wokano: Wokano Wild Side (11/20/08)

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phillygrrl said...

I enjoyed reading those reviews, philafoodie. It's inspiring to see someone go from blogger to published critic. Congratulations!