August 06, 2008

Talula's Table

Talula's Table

For those who may not have heard, I got a gig at City Paper as a restaurant critic. I thought I'd start off with a bang by reviewing Talula’s Table. You can find the review here.

Because of how frequently the menu changes at Talula’s Table (not to mention how difficult it is to get in), it was not practical to send a photographer, so the pic that appears in the review is mine. You can find pics of other dishes I had there in my Talula’s Table set on Flickr.

Enjoy this last bit of food porn while you can, folks. I won’t be dragging the camera with me on restaurant reviews anymore. Leaving the camera at home, of course, will help me to remain anonymous. But, then again, I plan to be in disguise anyway—a fellow food writer warned me that I’ll gain 15 pounds, and in anticipation of this I ordered a dozen Hawaiian muu’muus. No one will recognize me in one of those.


albert said...

you'll have to get one of those Homer Simpson dialing wands.

congrats once again.

Gaetano said...

Congrats on the new position. Your Talula's Table review was an excellent read.

Nazarina A said...

Ooooh you can be my critic any day LOL! I can only grow from constructive criticism!

A twitter acquaintance.


terrie said...

Great review of talula's Table...makes me want to hop a on a plane to Philly today.
Great pix of the resto's ambiance and your meal on Flickr.
Concgrats on your new position...!

Becky said...

My boyfriend and I stumbled upon this place while getting lost in the suburbs one weekend. Amazingly, we had the whole place to ourselves. Everything was AMAZING! We took a bunch of stuff home with us. Props to Talula's Table for supporting organic and local food!

Congrats on the new gig, too. I read your reviews pretty often.

phillygrrl said...

Congrats on writing for CP! Btw, have you ever gone to food court at Han Ah Rheum on Cheltenham and York Roads?