July 18, 2007

Cooney Responds in the "Nick of Time"

I had planned to sit down with Nick Cooney, the director of Hugs for Puppies, for my “Liver Let Die” article that was published in the July 5, 2007 issue of the City Paper. However, Cooney failed to show for the interview.

After the article went to print, Cooney contacted me to explain that he missed our meeting because he was in jail for failing to respond to a subpoena issued in a lawsuit related to animal testing protests, a charge Cooney says the judge dismissed.

I recently sat down with Cooney to get his take on London Grill co-owner Terry McNally’s characterization of Hugs for Puppies’ protesting tactics and my experience at Hudson Valley Foie Gras. Read my Q&A with Cooney called “Nick of Time” in this week’s City Paper.


shockcorridor said...

Nick Cooney is a poseur, a tool, a narcissist, an idiot. Call him out and dare him to go into North Philly and try to take down a dog fighting ring. That phony little white weenie would shit his self-righteous pants the second he got confronted by some badass with a gun. I fucking hate douchebag pseudo-radical "activists" like this insufferable jerkoff. Fuck Nick Cooney.

tulipwalk said...

Nick Cooney is a true compassionate leader. His network is transparent and solid.Those who feel negatively towards him fail to see the ideals behind his actions. And if he were to go down to North Philly to intervene in any low class dog figthing ring run by people who cannot speak one sentence correctly, trust me, he will not go alone and he will be victorious. Take that Shockcrocker.