June 16, 2007

Stories From Reading Terminal Market – History In the Making

When Marisa first told me about her new blog project a few months ago, Stories From Reading Terminal Market, I was blown away by the concept. Marisa spends time at Reading Terminal Market collecting “stories, memories, recipes and fond recollections from the experiences of individuals.”

The idea of blogging one of Philadelphia’s most notable institutions is fascinating enough. But what’s interesting to me about the project is that it is the perfect combination of the past and the present. It preserves the history of the Terminal while making a present-day story out of the act of cataloguing that history. Add in Marisa’s engaging storytelling and the table is set. You’ll be asking for second helpings before you’re through with the first plate.

If there was any blog out there that screamed to be turned into a book, Stories From Reading Terminal Market is it. A word of advice to the literary agents reading this: don’t wait too long to get Marisa under contract. It’s only a matter of time before she’s making herself, and some publishing company, an obscene amount of money.

Photo by Marisa McClellan

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