June 14, 2006

Geno's Signs Could Be Worse, Here's Proof

I don't know. I'm disappointed in you, Joe. I was led to believe you were on the forefront with this sign thing, but it looks like Casa D'Ice in Pittsburgh has you beat, bro. I mean, you don't need a Hummer with a P.A. system if you've got a sign like that. And Casa D'Ice even has more where that came from.

You know, I bet their cheesesteak is even better than yours.


Anonymous said...

Yargh.... it's shocking to see such "open-mindedness" (to quote one of those signs) in one's former hometown.

Freow. Disappointing. Of course, I lived there 11 years and never heard of this joint, so how famous could it really be?


--Alana said...

At least those of us who are former Pittsburghers can find some comfort in the fact that the restaurant is actually in North Versailles. This sign is one of the more benign of the bunch. Thankfully, the kind owner has left his email address on the website for all to tell him what we think of his prose: billb@casadice.com.

PhilaFoodie said...

Rupe: This place may not have been posting signs like this back when you lived in the area. If you comb through the archives of http://pittsblog.blogspot.com, a blog focusing on Pittsburgh's economic development, you'll see some interesting discussions about Pittsburgh's perceived isolationism.

Alana: That's a fair point. It is about 12 miles West of downtown Pittsburgh. I'm surprised some of the more provacative signs haven't caused a stir. But copying a local politican on any emails to the folks at Casa D'Ice may do the trick.

PhilaFoodie said...

Actually, I meant 12 miles East of downtown Pittsburgh.

Marisa said...

That is one angry sign writer.

sarah said...

Is anyone else amused that his restaurant's name is not in English?

Ugh. I'm from the Burgh and have never heard of it-- but I never did spend much time in North Versailles. (For non-'Burghers, that's pronounced ver-SAYLS.)