January 24, 2006

Chateau Plagnac (Medoc) 2000

This is a hard Bordeaux. It starts off with a hint of spice, but quickly turns tart and vegetal. Very short finish. It does soften a bit after it airs for a while, but not enough to salvage the experience. This wine may be at the end of its maturity; Parker suggests drinking wine from this chateau within the first 6 years of the vintage. That may explain why this vintage now appears on the PLCB store shelves. If it was reasonably priced, I might be more forgiving. But with the PLCB's 30% mark up, the 18% Johnstown Flood Tax and 7% sales tax imposed in Philadelphia, this wine tops out at over $18.00 a bottle. Sorry. At that price, this wine is not worth it.

Rating: C-

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