May 15, 2007

The Truth About Foie Gras

Rubber Ducky

My most recent WineCHOW column over at is called “The Truth About Foie Gras,” and it highlights the scientific studies by Dr. Daniel Guémené and others that debunk many of the claims activists use to argue for a ban on the sale and/or production of foie gras.

I expect some fallout over the column, especially from my vegan and vegetarian friends. But one of the themes of the article that even those who enjoy a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle should be able to appreciate is this: Personal beliefs are one thing, but when it comes to legislating those choices on others, the science should support the claims being made.

The part of the article that may be harder for some to swallow, though, is that many of the claims used to justify foie gras bans simply are not all they're quacked up to be.


marina said...

Yes!! Thank you for injecting some much needed facts and cool-headed reasoning into the debate. I could not believe when the ban in Chicago came to pass. Similarly for legislation banning horse slaughter. said...

Great article David!

Looks like Newsvine picked this up, congrats - check out what the readers have to say...